Tuesday, June 22, 2010
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new phase of life
sorry for the lack of posts. im residing in a new place alrdy :D

See you there((:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010
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Last time I stepped into this teeny space of mine was in february, and guess what, 2 mth plus had passed and its MAY now. That shows how lazy I am to blog. Partly because of the huge inflow of events that had been happening to my life nonstop that I couldn't really find much time to blog at all. Months had passed and guess what, FO is over, bsc last event has ended, graduation in about 2 weeks time and then my life in TP is officially over. The thought of it is filling up my mind every time I step in tp and it kinda feels horrible. 3 years at this place contains a large amount of memories and I dare say, its one of the best memories that I'll ever have(:

I'll probably do up an actual post when I'm not visiting tp like every single day of the week to sum up my entire tp life. So till then, patience alrights, though i guess no one actually reads this space anymore since I'm on hiatus for a rather long time:/


Wednesday, February 10, 2010
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after a long long time
Time seems to be even busier after sip ended and i quit band, isn't it suppose to be the other way round? There's like not even time for me to even blog at all. Plentiful of photos and things to update, but i just seem to find the time ): In a way i kinda miss the times in band, i got no idea why, but its just a feeling. Found out that im giving this year syf a miss cause it lands on the last day of FOC. Yess, band ALWAYS clashes with whatever TP events, like since i was a yr 1. SIGHS.

Thinking back, i guess my departure in the band committee had been a rather abrupt one. But at that moment, i just couldn't take all the stress that was coming down on me. Like it was too much stress that i guess words just turn out abit too harsh also? I agree it was rather cruel of me to just throw everything on christina at that time, knowing that she's also having a hard time at that period. But that period in band seems like there's so much to do and i got no idea how to go about it at all. Like the expectations and the fear of not being able to do a good job. In a way, friendship is also affected i guess, like once im out of band, there's like no communication with them any longer. Awkward totally and i know i was at fault with those harsh words too.

Ohwells, there's nothing i can say now can i. Looking at the period after i quit the committee, im actually quite relieved that i made up my mind to quit band. There's just so many things to do in school and i probably/definitely won't be able to cope if im in band. For this, im speaking the truth, saturdays without band has nvr been empty at all. Instead there's just too many other things that i got to do. Im just wondering how band is now, how the progress of competition n everything. Kinda worried, especially for my girls. Yuh, i just abandoned them without even telling them and just left :/ I really really hope they are doing well. Sighs. 

Sudden rush of emotions for band so i decided to type it out. Shall update soon regarding my happenings all this while. For now, band is just suddenly filling up my mind. Worried is the word i guess. Nights all, BSC event tmrw in school and i got to sleep now. Nights.

Saturday, January 9, 2010
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what is love?
If I could explain love in one word,
it would have to be trust.

Trust that he doesn’t cheat on you

Trust that he doesn’t lie to you

Trust that he really likes you
Trust that he will always be there for you
Trust that he can go to a party and not get high or drunk
Trust that you don’t have to worry about him breaking up with you the second you wake up
Trust that he will stick up for you
Trust that he will never fall in love with another girl

Trust that he won’t just get sick of you and
Trust that he wants you like you want him.

I love you because I know you’re always there,
there to catch me when I fall, there to listen when I need you, there when I feel alone.
I love you because you understand me, you know how I feel even when I can’t say it.
You know I’m not as strong as I say and still you never let me know that I’m not fooling you.
I love you because you make me believe, believe that I am not worthless.
Believe that I can be loved, am loved, and can love others.
I love you because you know, you know I feel this way but can’t say it and still you wait, letting me take my time to come to terms with the fact that I love you.
I would give my life up to be with you, and above all never hurt you, lie to you, or leave you.

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Finallyyy Officiallyyy im able to attend OH tmrww :D Im soooo excited about it. AND its the LAST sip classroom session tmrw. No more of seeing the LO, no more sitting in the room talking about what happened at sip, the boring LO that doesn't really know how to talk. Can't wait Can't wait(((: And i can get my HTM BADGE tmrw, is LOVE okayy. Hee hee.

ZADAZ dinner today had been rather fun at the tampines mall playground. Playing of AEIOU, spinning in the playground till ppl feel like puking (or had puked, like ----, HAHAS!), singing and dancing of the side the side the side the front the back. FUN! But helllooo zadaz, you all PS me n amos when going home!! Luckily amos same bus with me, if not it will be damn boring and loner. Sister/brotherhood love yo :D

OKAY, ought to sleep alrdy, its like 1:54 am and i need to reach sch at 9 tmrw. GROANS. Even earlier than i report to work. Nights world.

Thursday, January 7, 2010
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i got alot to say
There is like so so many things that i want to type. Last post that i posted was like 21st december and now, its already 7th jan. HAHA. I kinda just lost the motivation to blog anymore, or rather there;s just too many things to blog about that i got lazy, no one reads this space of mine anyway.

Life has been rather packed these few weeks, christmas with bimbs, zadaz outing, countdown with nexo, bguides workshop, pussy's bday, drinking with randoms, mass otc outing. The one week break from SIP had been the bestest and really make me dont feel like going back at all. Lunch meetups with ppl at TP had been the best, like yufei, jiajie and randy(: There's just sooo much to say and so many photos to post up. Promised to post up joyce bday photo, in the end i got no time to do it at all. Just too too lazy, worst thing is, i dont even know where i spent the rest of my time at. I haven even started on my sip portfolio which im really damn screwed if i dont start soon.

Open hse (OH) for TP starts tmrwww and you know what, im stuck at SIP. TSKKK. Hate it totally. Worse thing is, there is nothing to do at work except excel sheet after excel sheet, compiling of info and compiling of info. I tink i'll be much better use if im at the OH helping instead of being in the office luh ))): Last yr in poly and i cant even help at the OH except on saturday. Worse come to the worse, nxt week is I LOVE BUSINESS WEEK, and i cant even go at all. Yes, FML FML FML. URGHS.

And right now im missing soo sooo many ppl! i wanna get back to TP soon, and i cant wait for friday cause there's zadaz dinner meaning i can get to see them! Oh so excited((: sip PLEASE hurry end okayy. Not that i hate you but i think i love sch much more. This blog post is like so random and into pieces partly cause i damn long nvr blog and im kinda sleepy now, the thoughts in the brain just cant flow. Feel like clubbing and drinking now cause im feeling a lil emo, though i can't really hold my liquor at all. 2 glasses and im gone, got to update you all on the drinking session at liyibimb house with randoms like tweetbutt jolene, yufei, sholleh and my new found brother amos. HAHAS. Funny incidents at mass otc outing that i wanna say alsoo, i totally suck at captain ball i know....

OKAY OKAY, I BETTER STOP NOW if not i'll start to blabber nonsense alrdy. You can just ignore this entire post if you haven read it and decided to start on the last para cause this post looks long, if you read it, TOO BAD. hahahas. I'll give a PROPER POST soon, maybe like feb after all the submissions? LOLS. okay, sooon luh kay, i need to work on my supposingly new yr resolutions also.


i feel sorry for myself that im missing you. Dumb i know, stop me someone?

Monday, December 21, 2009
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post otc syndrome
YES, YES! Im back from otc, my LAST OTC that i have in TP )): Alrights, im actually back from otc quite afew days ago, but im just too tired to blog. HAHAS!

Posted to the cosca (which means empire btw) ZADAZ! At first i was pretty upset cause randy called to say he and hiuching is in the same empire, tgth with jiajie, irving, alex, and a big group of my main comms. BUT, zadaz rocks totally, im tgth with like amos, jolene, chrystal, fion, eileen and yufei! Happy to the max pls :D Overall otc had been alrights, i did have fun and all with zadaz and 3 days a row we got the 2nd place(: New friends made and all, and i would say, this year i really stepped up and doing the best that i can. Pushing the younger ones to lead and all. A tiring 3 days that i had, but it was all worthwhile ((: Im looking forward to the younger ones time to shine and all. DUA LOVE ZADAZ.

Started my GL journey because of how GLs from ZILRA inspired me to be one, and now, its the last year for me, im ending it off with Zadaz, another 'Z'. I know the coming FO will be a blast cause i'll definately make it one together with my cosca(: Last yr yo! I'll definately give it my all, and no regrets to it(: No more excuses for missing outings cause there's no more band practices((:

As said by jolene im now the 3rd most unglam female yr 3 :X Even when maybelle n jo-an came back and saw my empire cheering, the said i was damn unglam, and bucket and luffy was saying that my voice is damn prominant. Ooh mans. There goes my reputation, HAHAS, FO i shall be a lil more glam abit (provided if i can help it. lols).

Throat is like crapp now, with cough making it worse as well as flu. Ohgosh, i really hope i can recover soooooon, so i can go sing k nxt week. HAHAS. PEEKTURES time(:

(twist to left and right and tilts head. LAUGHS.)

Monday, December 14, 2009
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one more day to OTC
Im kinda too excited now to sleep. Cause...


So so excited about it that i really wish that tmrw is OTC instead. I'll be completely restless at work tmrw cause all i can think of is otc, what empire i'll be in, who will be in my empire, what if ppl that i don't like in my empire etc. Just thinking of otc makes me feel HAPPY, especially when i manage to take leave for the 3 days just to attend the camp((: On the side note, i haven start packing my bag AT ALL. Shitbombs. And tmrw there's bsc meeting at TP, which will end at dont know what time. Oh dears. Shall come out with a checklist for camp and ohhh haven even printed my indemn form. HAHA!

This week had been a rather alright week i guess. Best things for this week will be the trip to town with my utmost favourite ppl hiuching and shihua snapping photos of the christmas lights. Pretty pretty((: And also BUCKET'S 21ST BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION. Regretted not getting her a bucket and pasting mickey stickers all over it. Haha. This is one of the most times that i ever wished someone happy birthday i guess, don't believe ask bucket how many times i wished her! I even facebook chat with her that day which was hilarious and both of us were so excited that we talk to each other in CAPS. Hahaha. Love her for her silliness though she still wants to pour me with buckets of water, thats why we are BUCKET. LASTLY, i meet up with my BIMBS on sunday night for dinner and shopping at orchard(: Too bad the photo taking session wasn't successful cause we spent too much time eating and chatting with each other. You guys are lovvvve <3

Thats all for this week i guess. I'll prob post up pictures tmrw (at work :X) IF i got nothing to doooo. HAHA.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009
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Yes or no?
Read jolene's blog and i saw something that she just blogged that has been lingering on my mind all these time. This is it..

When you realise some that you care about,
some that you love,
some that you appreciate,
does not requisite the same way...

Do you still continue caring, loving, appreciating them?
Or do you care less like how they don't really do.
Is it worth it, or not?

(credits to jolene)
For me, i still continue caring, loving and appreciate them. Sometimes, even caring more for them, just for their attention. To me, friendships are like the most important thing in my life, so important that i'll try every single thing just to keep it going even though by the end of it, i might be the one ended up getting hurt. Even if they might not care at all, at least i know i tried to do something. Yes, you might question, is it worth it or not, i used to question myself this alot alot of times before too. But, i just can't seem to stop trying you know. People might say im stupid, silly, wasting my time, but to me, its worth it. Thus, worth it or not is deemed by oneself. If you think that its worth it, go ahead and do it. If even you yourself don't even think that its worth it, no one will.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009
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Adidas event, standard chartered
HEY PEEPS(: Im here to update on my blog, especially about the adidas event that had happened last friday. Personally i felt that it was a total new experience for me cause i was in charge of the stage performances, and the running of the backstage stuffs. Other than job scope wise, event wise this was also a first time contact because its a new launch. Overall the event was GREAT! Especially when there's like HOT MODELS to look at((: Don't believe, look at the photos below. Hee hee. I got to meet SPORE BEST BEATBOXER DHARNI too. He's real nice! And while being there, vivo have their own christmas event going on as well, which explains why there's pictures of mickey, minnie and my ABSOLUTE FAV CHIP&DALE. Cute to the maxx((:

This is one of the event that i enjoyed the most so far, apart from knowing more ppl, i gained quite alot of experience from it. By the end of the event, which ended bout 3am in the morning, all was worth it when the supervisor said i did a great job((: It really made my day knowing that, cause i really tried my best to run the stage programme that day, making sure that the performers are all ready to perform when it was their item.

Without any sleep, i had to reach expo by 730am for the standard chartered REPC. What i can say is......standard chartered is SUPERB! It was really damn fun, me and the girls were like hello-ing the entire day at ppl that came to collect their bib and all. Though its tiring running to get the bib, and times even running to the other end to get the diff bibs, i really enjoyed myself alot. This was especially worth it when celeste and my counter got the TOP 3 counter. DOUBLE WOOTS((: My first day working there and best counter!! HAHAS.

Didn't manage to capture any photos at standard chartered, but i did for adidas. Here's just a few photos from the tons of photos that viv took (especially of the models!) ((:

(don't you agree??)

Friday, December 4, 2009
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Despite the angsty feeling that i had in the afternoon, today was a relatively GOODDAY (: Shaker fries make me damn happy, though that was all that i had eaten for the entire day other than the $2.50 macs breakfast meal (yes, cheapoo i know, but its worth it!)

AND, one of the best thing today is i felt as though i found back a good friend that i had lost like 2 mths ago. Conversations tgth feels nearly back to normal, msgs seem normal too, not the usual cold shoulder or ignorance. Thought that the msg will be ignored, but apparantly it didnt(: Im glad((: Welcome back, my friend! I hope you continue to be like this and go back to the time that i know youuu! I know you will cause you promised that you will TRY right? Keep up the good work. HAHA.

BESTEST thing is dinner with the tauhueys at Bedok 85. Met them after they ended their standard chartered(: The jokes and topic talked was rather hilarious, the fake smiles of hiuching and shihua when i took their picture, curls reaction upon drinking sour plum juice, my absolutely bimbotic actions which ended up dropping my chicken wing, shihua hideous looking specs and scaring the shit out of me. This all ended off with a message that curls sent to the guys(girls) after the entire thing. HAHA. You know what, they are absolutely LOVES :D

Alrighty, i've got a event tmrw for ADIDAS((; Got to get to bed sooon cause the event will end like 2am the nxt day morning? And right after that, i got to reach expo by 730 am for standard chartered. @.@ Will be totally cui-ed after saturday, wakari cui cui des? HAHA! But i guess all will be fun cause im with all my friends. Somemore, i can't wait to do the standard chartered dance! Its damn funny luh! Alrights then, TOODLES WORLD~

Thursday, December 3, 2009
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Post Deleted

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
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last otc briefing, goodbye band
Being again to TP is one of the bestest time that i'll ever have in the whole internship period. Especially since its the otc briefing, which means many familiar faces will be around(((: First time otc briefing is at engine school, but same as ever, its still crammed like mad. 200 over people squeezing into an LT that is suppose to be for 120, my butt hurts after the briefing was over. HAHAS! The longest briefing that we had compared to the past 2 briefings i went before, the video was good cause it really brought back memories of the times in fyrhto(:

Appeal session ytd was the worst. First time seeing so many people waiting to appeal, was really a large group i would say. The waiting time outside was the worst of the worst. Everytime someone came out of that door, i was so afraid that the results are out. In the end, till like 10pm, appeal session was over and ended up results are out the nxt day morning (meaning TODAY). I swear i couldn't sit still today morning at all. THANK GOD alex and yufei got it((: If not i think i'll just break into tears. And to the others that got in...CONGRATS(: For those that didn't manage to, fear not alright. There's still nxt year where you all can try again. Don't because this one failed attempt, you all give up in being a GL alright? Cheer up alrights(: I'll be posting up some photos that i took ytd(:

Some updates about my life, one huge decision made was i decided to QUIT BAND. Yuh, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, i've really decided to quit. Now its just up to them to free me of this commitment. Nothing else more is changing this decision of mine any longer. Im sorry, but the passion is gone, the committee is no longer like before. AND more importantly, im not going to sacrifice my last yr at poly for band. No more missing of events like FO, outings etc because of band. I've missed so many outings and even FO Sentosa Outing TWICE due to band. I've had enough of it. My last yr at TP, OTC, FO, Week 0, BSC are now my PIORITY. You all may say im a bitch for ditching eveything in band knowing that you all need help but i really can't stand it in there any longer. So, just respect my decision and let me go. No point persuading me cause nothing is going to change this decision of mine. Even if you all don't support this, im sorry but im really LEAVING. The reason i stayed till now is simply because i couldn't leave the girls just like that, but now, i can't take it anymore. Even without your support, i know alot of my friends are behind me for making this decision. Because they know how must i wanted to end this, and to them, i should had done this a long ago.


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